The Swedish way
to recover
excess heat

Saves money and the planet

energy is
no longer
an option

Hundreds of clients requesting a profitable solution for energy recovery made us fed up with always saying no. Letting go of the dream of helping 15 million restaurants around the world to stop wasting energy was never an option. To keep throwing away billions of dollars and over 500 megatons CO2 emissions annually was out of the question. We simply had to find a way to turn impossible into possible. And we did.

The future of restaurant
energy recovery is here

Meet Lepido - the invention that industry experts have been searching for, for decades. Grease, soot and heat are no longer an obstacle to recovering energy from restaurant ventilation. With Lepido you’re able to save energy, money and oh, our planet.



How we plan to eliminate one percent of global CO2 emissions.

How we plan to eliminate one percent of global CO2 emissions