Wasting energy
is simply no longer
an option

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About Us

The global demand for energy is booming — it’s set to bump up nearly 30 percent by 2040.  Some say that recapturing excess heat could power most of Europe. 

And while much is being done, engineers have struggled to resolve heat capture in some  of our most punishing environments. Commercial kitchens and laundries, heavy industry sites and others are pumping hot, greasy, polluted air into the atmosphere. What a waste. Most experts have thought it impossible to extract clean heat energy from these polluted airstreams. And they were right. Until now. Finally, polluted heat exhaust can be recycled into heat energy. We’re turning waste into watts.

Enjay is a Swedish Greentech company specialized in energy efficiency in hostile environments. We have developed a technical platform that is able to recover energy in polluted airstreams where existing technologies are unable to operate.

Enjay’s first innovation, Lepido, is a heavy-duty heat exchanger for polluted exhaust air. It makes energy recovery in impossible environments not only possible but also profitable.

“We are living at the edge of the climate crisis. We want to do our part – and inspire others to join us. To take accountability and make a difference”

Nils Lekeberg and Jesper Wirén
Founders of Enjay

We’re on a journey to reduce the global CO2 emissions by 500 megatons annually – one percent of the estimated global emissions by 2050.