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“Installing these
heat exchangers
from Enjay was
a no-brainer"
- Nigel Atkinson, Commercial Director, Chapman Ventilation

Chapman Ventilation, with a history spanning decades, has become a trusted name in the field of restaurant mechanical fitouts, particularly in ventilation. Their client portfolio includes renowned brands like Nando's, Burger King, Chipotle, The Ivy, Dishoom, and Sticks & Sushi. Despite their extensive experience, they faced a major challenge: the inability to recover the energy wasted from dirty exhaust air in commercial kitchens. In 2022, Chapman Ventilation discovered a game-changing solution in Enjay's heat exchanger technology. By introducing this innovation to their clients, they witnessed remarkable transformations in process energy efficiency. 

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While our technology has predominantly found its application in restaurant ventilation, primarily due to the founders' background in this HVAC segment, it is essential to highlight its versatility. It can be equally effective in various other industries, including industrial laundries, grain dryers, crisp manufacturing, welding halls, and other process ventilation systems dealing with particle-polluted exhaust. We extend an invitation to explore opportunities for growth with us beyond the realm of restaurant ventilation


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